How To Enjoy Quizup at Facebook

September 1, 2015

Quiz up is a mobile application game which is played between two players on the web. In this application, the players battle against one another in seven diverse round where questions are asked to both the players on distinctive themes. It likewise gives the procurement of talk between the users. 

Both quizup and Facebook have made agreement 
The followings are the progressions to unite the test up record with the Facebook account: 

(I)- The user needs to sign in quizup by tapping on the application. 

(II)- The user will discover a choice in particular" interface with Facebook. The user needs to tap on that specific choice. 

(III)- In the wake of tapping, on the following page the user needs to give his/her Facebook record points of interest. In the wake of topping off the subtle elements, then the user needs to tap the login alternative. 


IV)- Now the user will be gotten some information about their Facebook account, if the user acknowledges it, then he/she will need to tap on the OK choice. 

(V)- Subsequent to tapping on the OK choice, the record will be connected to the Facebook record of the user. 

In any case, if the user has utilized the application however not yet connected it with their Facebook account then they can do later. They have to take after the beneath steps: 

(I)- Firstly the user will need to open the quizup application in their gadget. 

(II)- The user needs to slide their finger from the right compelling of the screen to one side amazing of the screen. In the wake of doing as such, They will get the menu before them. 

(III)- In the menu, they have to tap on the setting alternative. In the wake of tapping the setting choice, the user needs to slide to the base. At the base, they will see record connecting alternatives. 

Play Quizup

(IV)- The user now needs to tap on the "connection" choice that is shown by Facebook. In the wake of tapping on connection, the user needs to give the points of interest of their Facebook account. 

(V)- Now the application will request that the user experience their Facebook data, if the user taps on OK, then the application will connection to their Facebook account. 

In the wake of adjusting the record, the user can now lay the diversion with their Facebook companions too which much intriguing. 

These were the procedures of connecting the quizup with Facebook or playing quizup in Facebook. 

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