How to download quizup on ipad

July 21, 2015

QuizUp is a fun game-quiz for iOS systems whose purpose is to achieve the highest score of your challenger. Players will be dealing with a wide variety of categories and sub-categories , including film, television, video games, literature and nature. Then we will gain experience points that will affect the degree of competence for the category.

Born as an application platform for iOS in November of 2013, it was literally (and perhaps unexpectedly, overwhelmed by the success), so as to be able to conquer the Google Play Store (where you landed in March 2014). Today QuizUp counts 33 million users and seems to want to continue to grow at a rapid pace.

QuizUp by Cambridge University Press shows the high quality content for your iPhone, with a social twist. The activities cover a wide range of topics of science and geography to travel and dance, and are designed to expand your vocabulary and improve your understanding of English grammar. As you answer the questions correctly, you will discover new areas of the map in-game. The more points you earn, the more you unlock the secrets to share on your favorite social networks. 
With questions based on our market-leading English books of Peter Lucantoni, QuizUp will challenge your skills in English and will help to improve the grammar. 
They are not just multiple choice tests, either. QuizUp supports five different types of activities: 

  • Tap and match.

  • Sort into columns.

  • Fill in the blank from a list.

  • Close free text.

  • Multiple choice.

Designed specifically for the iPhone, QuizUp combines the best content with the brand new, beautiful artwork to make improving your English fun. 

  • Hundreds of questions, with the answers. 

  • Explore the map in-game. 

  • Unlock items and earn rewards. 

  • Share your progress with friends. 

  • Customize your in-game avatar 

  • Get detailed feedback and scores. 

 How to install programs on the iPad:

  Just turn to ' App Store of Apple and you're done. 

It is necessary that your device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, all you need to do to start to install programs on iPad is starting the ' App Store of Apple tapping its icon placed in the bar dock or the main screen of the system.  At this point, you have two options available: browse through the available applications, browsing the most interesting of the moment, or make a specific search to download an application. is just a common resource to acquire all information about various open-source clones

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