How to Download QuizUp for Android

July 15, 2015

Basically Quiz up is a mobile application game which is played between two players. In  this game, the players compete against each other in seven different round where questions are asked to both the players on different topics. It also provides the provision of chat between the users. You can download Quizup app from Google play store for Android and from apple store for iOS device. 

The followings are the steps to connect the quiz up account with the Facebook account:
(I)- the user needs to  log in quizup by tapping on the application.
(II)- the user will find an option namely” connect with Facebook. The user needs to click on that particular option.
(III)- after tapping, on the next page the user needs to provide his/her Facebook account details.  After filling up the details, then the user needs to tap the login option.
(IV)- now the user will be asked to provide some information about their Facebook account, if the user accepts it, then he/she will have to tap on the OK option.
(V)- after tapping on the OK option, the account will be linked to the Facebook account of the user.

But if the user has used the application but not yet linked it with their Facebook account then they can do later. They need to follow the below steps:
(I)- firstly the user will have to open the quizup application in their device.
(II)- the user needs to slide their finger from the right extreme of the screen to the left extreme of the screen. After doing so, They will get the menu in front of them.
(III)- in the menu, they need to tap on the setting option. After tapping the setting option, the user needs to slide to the bottom. At the bottom, they will see account linking options.
(IV)-  the user now has to click on the “link” option that is displayed next to Facebook. After tapping on link, the user needs to provide the details of their Facebook account.
(V)- now the application will ask the user to go through their Facebook information, if the user taps on OK, then the application will link to their Facebook account. 
After syncing the account, the user can now lay the  game with their Facebook friends too which much interesting. 

These were the processes of linking the quizup with Facebook or playing quizup in Facebook.

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