How to Delete a QuizUp Friend

July 21, 2015

The brand new and enhanced QuizUp presents a brand new measurement to internet sites. The system has been eventually improved, concentrating on connecting individuals through their shared pursuits, while remaining true to its roots like a trivia game. This fresh system is dependent on a follower’s design, where customers follow those activities of buddies and subjects they like. An active supply enables customers to take part in a sociable encounter with friends and visitors alike.

Each subject has a bigger impartial purpose inside the platform. Customers may take part in lively towns attached to subjects they're enthusiastic about and easily uncover new subjects that complement their pursuits.

Finding likeminded people is simple and enjoyable within the fresh QuizUp. You are able to analyze additional player’s sport data, their most-played subjects and distributed pursuits, supplying an invaluable insight to their personality. Interactions are easy and simple. You can follow these fascinating individuals, challenge them to a quiz game of QuizUp or begin a chat.

How do I delete or unfollow another user on QuizUp?

If you like to get rid of a friend, simply visit their account (by tapping on the profile image) and tap the option “Unfollow”. Whenever you unfollow somebody they'll no further appear in your QuizUp friends list.

If you like to remove somebody from messaging or challenging you've to first block them on QuizUp. While you've blocked somebody they will not be in a position to challenge you or message you, and you'll no further see them anyplace within the quiz.

How do you report or block user on QuizUp?

To block a QuizUp user, visit their account and touch the (!) icon at the top right corner and tap the option Block. If you like to Report the QuizUp user too, then tap the option “Report” within the Confirmation pop-up. When you yourself have blocked a QuizUp user they'll not be able to challenge or message you and you'll not see them anyplace within the quiz again.

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