July 21, 2015

Basically Quiz up is a mobile  application game which is played between two players. In  this game, the players compete against each other in seven different round where questions are asked to both the players on different topics. It also provides the provision of chat between the users.


If  the user wants to hack quizup and win all the titles then it is a very easy process. The user needs to simply follow the below steps-

These steps are for those mobile users where they can drag their notification bar during the game.
(a)-  firstly the user needs to open an account in the application.
(b)- now the user needs to play up to the sixth level.
(c)- if the user is unable to win the sixth level, then he/she needs to drag the notification bar and disconnect the internet from the mobile.

(d)- whenever the user is feeling that he/she will lose the game, they need to repeat the same steps.

(e)- by doing so, they will not lose a  single match. They will only have the record of the matches they have won and they will be able to win all the titles.

For the users who cannot their drag their notification bar in between the game.
Here the user needs to install an application called easy touch. Just see the image and do the setting as shown in the figure.

 By doing so, the user will be able to hack the quizup.

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